The Los Angeles Police Department, or LAPD, said Tuesday night that they are investigating an attempted robbery allegedly committed by pop singer Justin Bieber in the Los Angeles area Monday.

Detectives are reportedly interviewing an unnamed victim following a complaint, but the 20-year-old singer had not yet been questioned by police or arrested as of late Tuesday night, media reports said, citing a LAPD spokesperson.

“Detectives are currently interviewing the victim. It was reported at 10.30 p.m. Monday night to our Devonshire location and occurred earlier in the day in the Valley," Rosario Herrera, a LAPD officer, told The Hollywood Reporter. “He (Bieber) has been accused of attempted robbery,” Herrera reportedly said, adding: “As of right now, no arrest has been made and detectives are currently interviewing the victim.”

According to USA Today, Herrera said that she did not think that the alleged victim was hurt in the incident and it was still unclear what might have been the motive of the attempted robbery. Meanwhile, TMZ reported that a San Fernando Valley woman had lodged the complaint against the singer and told the celebrity gossip website that the incident took place at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park.

The woman reportedly told TMZ that Bieber was playing mini golf with his entourage when he and his crew got into an altercation. The woman claimed she was about to take pictures from her cell phone of the incident when Bieber reportedly demanded that the woman erase the photos on her phone, and on her refusal, he wrestled with the woman to take away the phone.

The Canadian-born singer has been involved in a string of controversies involving law enforcement agencies with the latest incident occurring on April 24 when he was detained by customs officials at Los Angeles International Airport for questioning after his return from a trip to Japan.

According to reports, Bieber was booed by the audience at Staples Center when his face appeared on the Jumbotron screens during a Los Angeles Clippers game, which he attended with his mother on Mother’s Day.