Justin Bieber is in voice trouble. Just as is the case with all boys hitting puberty, his voice is changing too. To overcome this crisis he has employed the same voice coach as Usher did when he faced the same problem, according to the News of The World.

Justin is physically developing at a slower rate than most guys so his voice is only breaking now, a source said as quoted by News of the World. He's working with the best in the business, a specialist called Jan Smith, to make sure he gets much vocal rest as humanly possible for a working pop star.

As per reports, Justin was prepared for such a change. He, however, hit the natural pubescent phenomenon of voice cracking or voice breaking later than most teenagers.

In an interview, he had said that all teenagers face the same crisis and that it was no big deal for him. He agreed that he can no longer hit the high notes he did in his hit song 'Baby'. The trick is to hit the notes lower in live shows, he explained.

With Justin charging nearly $300,000 per live show, it puts him in league with some big-time performers. This is besides his record deals, endorsements etc. With so much money riding on him, his people can not lose him to something so ordinary as a voice break now, can they?