Justin Bieber has a way with everyone, apparently; a commercial featuring the singer shows a host of people getting weak in the knees for his signature “wink, nod and smile.”

In the advertisement, promoting Bieber’s second fragrance, Girlfriend, he causes all those around him to faint on cue of his flirtatious wink.

The ad beings as he approaches two Macy's store representatives in front his perfume stand, according to the Daily Mail.

The reps advise him to refrain from his seductive trademark, which seems to have adverse affects on all those near him. After a protest they remind him about what happened the year prior, to which Justin goes into a flashback.

While visiting Macy’s during the holiday shopping season, Bieber winks as passing shoppers, female, male, adults, and children whom all pass out and fall to the floor as he winks at them.

Once panned back to the present, a sly Bieber pretends to have something in his eye, and then sends a double wink at the two reps, a woman and man, who immediately faint themselves.

The woman exclaims “Bieber fever” as she hits the floor.

Macy’s recently the commercial in conjunction with its the Black Friday sale that takes place across the U.S. every Thanksgiving, according to the Mail. Macy’s will also donate $2 to the Make A Wish foundation with every purchase of Justin's Girlfriend fragrance.

As the perfume is expected to sell out, Macy’s has added a condition to their donation, indicating that it will stop at $100,000.