Justin Bieber keeps in touch with the “only real love of his life” Selena Gomez even after their breakup and the two text each other at least once a week, Hollywood Life reported Thursday. Bieber has been linked with various women following his breakup with Gomez but, according to reports, he has not been able to get Gomez completely out of his mind.

“He keeps up friendships and talks with many of his exes, including the only real love of his life Selena. Selena likes to know where he is and they still text at least once a week,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Another insider told the entertainment website that 23-year-old Gomez and 21-year-old Bieber might be back together when the two are not busy with their careers. “Maybe one day when their careers aren’t so busy they will get back together. Justin is enjoying his success and is focusing on living life to the fullest,” the source said.

Bieber seems to be extremely busy with his work and does not feel the need to be tied down, the website reported. “Not only is it an issue of scheduling, but Justin just doesn’t want a girlfriend,” the source said. “Justin has too many things going on. He feels that now is no time to be tied down to one woman. It would be selfish of him because he knows he doesn’t have the proper amount of time to nurture a healthy relationship, so he is just having fun.”

Even so, it was recently reported that Bieber is still searching for a girl who could make "him feel like" Gomez did. The Canadian singer also did not reportedly feel the same about his current rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin as he did for Gomez.

“Unfortunately for Hailey, Justin still just doesn’t have the same sort of feeling for her that he did for Selena,” a source reportedly said. “He’s still searching for a girl who made him feel like she did,” the insider added.