Justin Bieber is scheduled to host and perform on “Saturday Night Live” on Feb. 9 just weeks after some incriminating leaked photos allegedly showed him smoking marijuana. Now, the singer has bravely given "SNL" writers the go ahead to spoof anything they please, reported the New York Daily News.

The singer was the first to break the news about his upcoming "SNL" gig, tweeting on Monday, “maybe im hosting and performing on SNL...maybe. :)” And Bieber’s appearance is already shaping up to be full of surprises.

According to TMZ, sources at NBC who are familiar with the situation told the publication that Justin’s PR team didn’t banish the writers from bringing up any of the “Boyfriend” singer’s skeletons. On the contrary, TMZ reported, “our sources say Justin himself has told producers to push him as far as they want.”

Given that, the show will likely touch on topics ranging from anything from the Bieber drug rumors, to his on-and-off relationship with fellow tween star Selena Gomez.

Although that move might seem like a risky one for someone who’s suffered a series of PR mishaps over the past month as Justin has, laying it all on the table while “SNL” writers do their magic has actually worked to the benefit of several celebrities.

Alec Baldwin’s “SNL” appearance in 2011 helped the “30 Rock” star recover a little dignity after he was kicked off an American Airlines plane, allegedly for refusing to turn off his phone while playing “Words With Friends.”

Paris Hilton also appeared on the show after the release of her infamous sex tape. And  while Zooey Deschanel has so far maintained a fairly squeaky-clean public image, the actress managed to win points with fans and critics for appearing on the “SNL” segment “Bein’ Quirky,” which regularly mocks Deschanel’s wholesome, quirky persona, where she played a convincing Mary-Kate Olsen.