Kanye West has gone from the good life to it seemingly all falling down as the rapper faces a year in prison on charges of battery and attempted grand theft in connection with a July 19 scuffle with a paparazzo that was captured on video.

The fiery superstar is saying good morning to life as a man charged with misdemeanor crimes two months after he turned to aggression following an argument with a photographer outside Los Angeles International Airport.

West -- who raps about his massive ego and all the lights being focused on him, but apparently doesn’t enjoy paparazzi flashbulbs -- was caught on video obtained by TMZ grabbing the photographer, Daniel Ramos, and slamming him onto the ground.

Ramos may or may not be a gold digger, but he filed a lawsuit against Yeezus in August, alleging his right hip was injured during the scuffle, and claiming West committed assault, battery, negligence and civil-rights violations, according to the Associated Press via NBC News.

Yeezy has made a “Hell of a Life” dissing the photographers and reporters who trail him and his reality-television star wife Kim Kardashian -- and now their daughter North -- nearly everywhere they show their faces.

West, who is due to be arraigned Oct. 10 (nine days before the start of his extensive “Yeezus” tour with fellow rapper Kendrick Lamar, as detailed by Pitchfork), faces six months or a $1,000 each on his two misdemeanor charges of attempted grand theft and battery in connection with the July 19 incident, according to Hollywood Life. Kanye was previously arrested at LAX with his road manager Don Crawley in 2008 and charged with felony vandalism after they destroyed two photographers’ cameras there, for which West was sentenced to 12 hours of anger-management courses and 50 hours of community service, NBC News reported.

The world will have to wait to see if Yeezus walks this time or if he’ll get time in the slammer for his alleged crimes.