Karl Wlaschek, a 94-year-old Austrian billionaire, announced on Sunday that he plans to marry within the next few days to girlfriend Ricki Schenk, who will be his fifth wife.

According to the Vienna Times, Wlaschek announced his engagement over the weekend at the Schlosshotels in Velden, which is owned by Wlaschek. Wlaschek told reported that he is getting married so he can have more children.

I would say another five or six children, at the very least, Wlaschek, father of four, said.

The wedding will take place in the next few days, Schnek confirmed. However, she added that she wasn't you anymore, declining to give her actual age, and said that she doesn't see children in her future.

Wlaschek is the fifth-oldest billionaire in the world after Walter Haefner, David Rockefeller Sr., Albert Ueltschi and Kirk Kerkorian. The founder of European supermarket chain Billa, which he sold in 1996 for $1 billion, Wlaschek is also the second richest man in Austria at an estimated at $4.7 billion, according to Forbes 2012 Billionaires list. Nowadays, Wlaschek owns a large stake in private real estate in Austria.

The Vienna Times reported that Wlaschek and Schnek met at an event in Vienna and both lost their spouses on the same day in the past.