Rumors about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy and marriage troubles with Prince William have either been debunked or not addressed. Now, another report claiming that Middleton is suffering a health crisis due to the pressures of royal life has been debunked by Gossip Cop, a website that discredits celebrity rumor.

The report, published in the National Enquirer and cited by Gossip Cop, said that the Duchess of Cambridge has become “scary skinny” and those close to her have expressed concern about her health. The National Enquirer also reported that Middleton needs to change her eating habits.

“She [Middleton] seems to be feeling the pressure of royal life,” a source told the magazine, according to Gossip Cop. “Kate needs to change her dietary habits. No one wants to see her end up with the same problems as Diana,” the source said, referring to an unconfirmed rumor that Princess Diana had an eating disorder.

Another insider told the magazine that the duchess “looks gaunt, and it’s not flattering.”

However, a palace source told Gossip Cop that the mother of two eats a healthy, well-balanced diet and she is not suffering from any health problems and there is “no truth” to the National Enquirer’s report.

Recently, William and Kate were rumored to be “heading toward couples therapy” due to various reasons including how to raise their two children — Prince George and Princess Charlotte, according to an InTouch Weekly report. However, Gossip Cop debunked the report saying that Middleton and William were not having any marital issues.

Last month, a Daily Star report said that Middleton wants to have a third baby and is hoping to conceive later this year. The Duchess of Cambridge, who is reported to be traveling to Brazil for the Rio Olympics, does not want to risk the trip due to the prevalence of Zika virus, the paper said.