A former waitress has taken advantage of her resemblance with the Duchess of Cambridge and is now earning thousands of dollars every week as the royal’s professional doppelganger.

Heidi Agan was working as a waitress at a local Frankie & Benny’s restaurant in Northamptonshire when news of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement was first reported in November 2010. From that moment on, Agan’s life began to change as customers noticed her likeness with the now mother-of two, The Sun reported.

She recounted how more and more customers wanted to take a picture with her and even asked for her to serve them. The numerous requests made her realize that there could be “money in looking like Kate.” Agan went on to share how she decided to contact agencies that specialized in look-alikes. That move marked the start of her career as Kate’s professional doppelganger. 

“It’s paid off and I now earn between £500 ($694) and £3,000 ($4,164) per job, with around three jobs a week,” she shared with The Sun.

Agan also recalled how she had to learn the Duchess of Cambridge’s mannerisms, as well as build her own collection of Kate’s popular fashion ensembles. The professional Kate doppelganger, who also has two children of her own, stated that she has invested most of her earnings in trying to duplicate Prince William’s wife’s fashion choices and changing looks. “I even had a seamstress make four differently sized ‘bumps’ for me to wear when Kate’s pregnant.”

She even commented on how her career as a look-alike for Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s mother has brought her to Australia. During that trip, she was asked to participate in a milk ad project with a Prince William doppelganger in 2014. She also described that particular work assignment as her “best job.”

However, Agan also revealed a few downsides to being Kate Middleton’s look-alike.  She stated that she has received “death threats on Twitter” and was even called a “transvestite version of Kate.” Despite the negative feedbacks, Agan said that she also has a “lovely fan base.”

Meanwhile, the real Duchess of Cambridge recently showed her sporty side as she participated in a tennis clinic held in Edinburg, Mirror reported. The event was hosted by tennis coach Judy Murray as part of the Tennis on the Road project that Murray founded in 2014.

During the tennis class, Kate joined school teachers and pupils who also attended the clinic. The event was held on Wednesday, Feb. 24, at Craigmount High School.