Kate Middleton has been rumored to be pregnant with her second child some eight months after George was born and though the Duchess of Cambridge has remained mum, her actions seemingly dispel the rumors that she’s with child.

The duke, 31, and duchess, 32, enjoyed several glasses of local wine at an engagement at the Amisfield Vineyard in New Zealand on Sunday, April 13, Us Weekly reported. Since wine-tasting isn’t often an activity that a pregnant woman partakes in, it’s  unlikely that she and the Duke are expecting another child.

Further, a source told Us Weekly the gossip about Prince George having a future brother or sister within the few months is all talk and no truth. "Kate is not pregnant,” the source said. “They want a bigger family in the future, but she's not pregnant right now."

According to the news site, the royal couple joined John Darby, 57, owner of Amisfield Vineyard, who gave the Duke and Duchess a tour of the vineyard. The supposedly sipped a glass of 2011 Amisfield pinot noir.

The wine expert reportedly said about the grapes and climate to the royals: "When it gets very cold we use helicopters to stop the frost over the vines by hovering above and stirring up the cold air."

An onlooker claimed that William retorted, "You're joking! That's an expensive way to do it!" And added, "Wow! If you ever need a spare pilot, I'm here!”

Darby apparently told reporters: "The duchess did take a little sip, but I don't think she's a big drinker." He also explained, "We nearly moved on without the duke or duchess having a glass of our wine, but [William] was keen to try it. He said, 'Hang on, let's enjoy a glass of wine. We can't pass up the opportunity.'"

The couple "both picked some grapes as we were walking through the vineyard and William in particular seemed to know about red wine -- I think that's his favorite."

Kate Middleton Wearing Jemny Packham Kate's outfit after the royal baby delivery. Photo: Reuters

The wine-tasting trip could be a blow to those who were hoping the duchess was pregnant. It was recently reported she was hoping for twins. Even though the couple has denied Kate is already with child, a source recently said they are actively trying to have another baby.

“They’re all over each other in fully baby-making mode,” one insider told OK! Magazine, and another added that the pair “can’t keep their hands off each other.”

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