While gossip columns report that, once again, Kate Middleton is pregnant, the palace confirmed the truth about the baby rumors, which are just that, rumors.

In Touch magazine reported on Wednesday that the Duchess of Cambridge is around six weeks pregnant with Prince William's baby according to an unnamed royal source. The gossip site also claimed Middleton is preparing three nurseries for the bun in the oven at the palace.

However, an official palace spokesperson made it very clear that it's usual pregnancy gossip about Middleton, who made an appearance on Sunday for Remembrance Day.

We never confirm or deny these rumors. This is about the millionth [pregnancy] report we've had. If it were true, you'd hear the announcement from us and not a gossip magazine in the U.S., official palace spokesman Miguel Head told the New York Daily News.

In Touch claims the anonymous source has correctly revealed other royal secrets before, including the honeymoon details and the Queen's gift to Middleton for the wedding. The source also told In Touch the couple plans to name the baby something traditional like Edward, Philip and Michael...for a boy, or Alice or Rose for a girl.

The gossip rag also claims the royal couple is hoping for a girl to adhere to Prince William's family's wishes.

[Prince William] is very much his mother's son, and he also knows that his father, Prince Charles, would like a granddaughter, the source told In Touch.

Just two days earlier, before In Touch broke news of the umpteenth pregnancy rumor, MSNBC spoke to two separate palace officials, who also denied the pregnancy.

Prince William will be on active military duty in the Falkland Islands from early in the New Year, and there is no earthly way he would be assigned 8,000 miles from home if the Duchess of Cambridge were expecting, one palace insider told MSNBC.

Another palace official said while Middleton is not currently pregnant, she, of course, wants to be in the future.

There have been reports to the contrary worldwide, but the fact is that the Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant. Does she hope to be soon? I should say so, the royal aide said.

As for rumors that circulate in the meantime before an official announcement, palace officials said to only believe none of what you hear.

There aren't going to be any leaks. There will be an announcement when the time comes from Kensington Palace, the aide told MSNBC. Trust me, this is not going to be the sort of announcement that will be pre-empted by anyone hacking into royal mobile phone voice messages.