Royal fans may have seen Kate Middleton taking on various roles, such as a wife to Prince William, a mother to her children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as an active supporter for many charities and organizations. However, her upcoming new job will present a different challenge even if it will only be for one day.

The Duchess of Cambridge will be joining the Huffington Post U.K. team as she is set to guest edit for the online news site on Feb. 17, Hello magazine reported. The special one day job is part of Princess Kate’s efforts to highlight the importance of mental health in young people. As part of the preparations for the special new job, Princess Kate will transform a part of Kensington Palace as a temporary news room.

In Princess Kate’s temporary role, the royal mother-of-two will help select content about U.K.’s mental health issues among teens and children with the Huffington Post U.K. team. The Duchess of Cambridge will also help to launch the initiative Young Minds Matter, that will tackle problems and solutions about the issue. However, prior to the Feb. 17 one day job, the 34-year-old royal has already helped to gather several articles, videos and blogs about the subject from experts in the mental health sector that Princess Kate previously collaborated with, according to Hello magazine.

The content that the Duchess of Cambridge will choose will be released in Huffington Post U.K. on Feb. 17 with the hashtag #YoungMindsMatter. The initiative also aims to encourage and inspire parents, teachers and families to discuss the issue of mental health and potential solutions with teens and children.

Meanwhile, apart from the special one day job, Princess Kate will also be attending several activities and engagements in the coming months. She is set to attend her first official event as Honorary Air Commandant of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets during the Air Force organization’s 75th anniversary on Feb. 7. Princess Kate will also participate in her first TV interview after her engagement with Prince William.

The said TV interview will be for a special documentary in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, with a working title “The Queen at Ninety.” Other members of the royal family that will participate in the TV documentary includes Prince William, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

“The Queen at Ninety” is expected to air on ITV in May.