A new painting with the likeness of Duchess Kate Middleton and her future baby has emerged, and it’s an interesting interpretation of the royals, to say the least. The world is eagerly awaiting the child’s arrival, whose gender and name are currently unknown.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy is driving some people a little loco as they wait for the royal baby to arrive. While everyone is going to great lengths to find out details about the royal child, Spanish artist Kaya Mar has already taken it upon himself to create a painting dedicated to the Duchess and her future child, the Huffington Post reported Monday.

Click here to see a picture of the painting, courtesy of HuffPo, who referred to the image as “the weirdest portrait of the duchess ever.” She was given a beautiful smile, but the other aspects of Mar’s portrait are a little strange.

The royal baby, who was given a crown, appears to be breastfeeding. Unlike his or her mother, the royal’s baby skin has a yellow-ish appearance. Around her head is what looks like a halo, and considering she’s wearing a brown garment, it appears that the Spanish artist was trying to make her look like the Blessed Mother.

But the oddities don’t stop there. Middleton is known for her slender legs, but in Mar’s interpretation of the Duchess, she only has one leg sticking out (if that’s what it even is) and has a red sock covering her foot.

According to the Huffington Post, Mar dropped off the tribute to Middleton at St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing on Friday, which is where baby watchers  how are waiting for the child to arrive have camped out. The expectant mother will most likely give birth there. It’s the same place where Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William and Prince Harry.