Ke$ha has made a successful career out of her penchant for the slightly out there, but a recent comment she made during an interview still managed to turn more than a few heads.

During an interview with Heatworld the “Die Young” singer claimed that she was born with a vestigial tail but that it was removed by doctors. In characteristic Ke$ha fashion, the 26-year-old pop star described the incident by saying that doctors had “stolen” her tail when she was a child, and that losing it was a painful memory.

“It was a tiny tail, about a quarter of an inch, then they chopped it off and stole my tail,” Ke$ha told the website. “That was when I was little. I'm really sad about that story."

The shock rocker has previously disclosed other strange tidbits about her personal life including that she once drank her own urine -- "I heard it was good for you,” she told The Hollywood Reporter – and threw up in Paris Hilton’s closet.

Of the urine incident, Ke$ha later admitted that she had been misinformed about its medicinal properties and probably wouldn’t be repeating the act. “I'm also just one that doesn't shy away from things. I'm not good at saying 'no' so I just figure, f--- it, I'll try anything once. So I tried it. I wouldn't recommend it. It was pretty gross. And I don't think it really did anything very beneficial to me so, yeah, I wouldn't probably do it again,” she said.

Although vestigial “tails” can often come with other health complications like spina bifida, the one described by Ke$ha didn’t sound like it posed a serious health issue.

During the same interview the pop star also opened up about her romantic life, hinting that she was newly on the prowl and might be interested in a certain One Direction singer.

“I actually have poor taste in men. Maybe while I’m in London, I should put my feelers out and try to get Harry Styles,” she told the publication. “That would really be a step in the right direction.”