Kendall Jenner is fighting back. The 20-year-old model broke her silence over a recent statement made by veteran supermodel Stephanie Seymour about her and friend Gigi Hadid.

Jenner shared her thoughts about Seymour’s statement that she and Hadid were not true supermodels, in a blog posted on her site on Thursday, Entertainment Tonight reported. The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star wrote that she was “going to stick up for [herself]” and described Seymour’s actions as similar to a “cyber bully.”

Kris Jenner’s daughter commented that nobody was trying to “steal Stephanie Seymour's thing,” as well as trying to become the said veteran model. "If you're going to tell us not to be in ‘your moment,’ then don't be in mine!" Jenner wrote.

The model and TV personality also defended her friend Hadid in her blogpost. She shared that if other people would want to call both of them as “supermodels now,” then it does not mean that they are taking “anything away from supermodels of the past.” Jenner also stressed that she has “so much respect” for the women who made a name for themselves in the modeling industry over the years. “But right now, we're the models of this time," she stated.

Jenner’s comments came after Seymour described the two said celebrities as “completely different” than herself and other veteran supermodels in a Vanity Fair interview. The 47-year-old model is considered a part of the original six supermodels in the fashion industry.

She explained that the concept of supermodels “are sort of the thing of the past.” Seymour also mentioned that both Jenner and Hadid should be given their own titles. “B----es of the moment! That would be a good title for them,” she laughingly stated.

The reality star and model also shared her thoughts on Seymour’s statement that named her and Hadid as “b----es of the moment.” Jenner wrote in her blog, "I guarantee you that she didn't imagine someone so publicly shaming her daughter when she made those comments about us being 'b----es of the moment.'"

Seymour has yet to comment on Jenner’s blog post.