Key & Peele” just shut it down. The popular Comedy Central sketch series, starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, ended its fifth and final season with Wednesday’s finale. While longtime fans are certainly sad to see the show go, perhaps nobody was more emotional about the last episode than Key and Peele themselves. The comedy duo blew up Twitter with their bittersweet reactions to their final sketches as they and fans shared a few more laughs.

Key kicked things off, tweeting to fans to thank them for their support. He also admitted that he was having at least a few second thoughts about his and Peele’s decision, made public in July, to end the acclaimed series after five seasons -- despite a green light from Comedy Central to continue.

Peele later chimed in with a barrage of tweets thanking fans and promising Key that they would look back at the show proudly down the road.

Peele also made sure to thank the show’s longtime director, Peter Atencio, asserting that the filmmaker was so integral to the show’s success that his name deserved to be included in the title alongside its star actors.

Atencio made sure to get in on all emotions as well.

As for the finale, the last episode of "Key & Peele" did not pull any punches during the show's hilarious final sketches. In one notable segment, which ended the episode, Key and Peele's characters discover a town not-so-discreetly called "Negrotown," a utopian paradise where African-Americans are free from any discrimination.

Watch the "Negrotown" sketch from the "Key & Peele" finale below:

Another skit featured Key playing a Larry King-like TV host named Morty Jebsen who interviews an up and coming rapper, played by Peele, and asks him about some delicate subject matter. The sketch does not end in a way anyone watching could have predicted as the fictional rapper, Young Bidness, tries to remove his microphone. 

Watch the "Morty Jebsen Show" sketch from the "Key & Peele" finale below:

The finale also included Peele's flawless impression of a singing Ray Parker Jr. and the conclusion of the show's long-running car ride gag. 

Loyal viewers may no longer have new "Key & Peele" episodes to enjoy, but Jordan Peele let fans know on Twitter that they have not seen the last of the comedy duo.

Fans will have to wait till then to see Key and Peele back in action.