Oprah's Chicken Giveaway has left some outlets of the Louisville-based chain literally chicken-less as they met unexpected extreme public demand.

The meal promotion caused such a frenzy that some stores ran out, the managers at the a KFC branch in Urbana, Illinois had to put up a sign to let people know they were sold out and the store was forced to shut until they can re-stock.

A restaurant in Manhattan was forced to stop honoring the coupons because it did not have enough chicken to meet demand, leaving customers clearly displeased.

The chain today asked customers to take a rain check for the new product saying it would be unable to offer the product today, giving them the option to enjoy the meal later without the crowds.

KFC President Roger Eaton said Thursday, the company will mail coupons to customers in stages adding a free Pepsi to their meal.

On Tuesday May 5, Oprah offered her viewers a free coupon for two pieces of grilled chicken, two individual sides and a biscuit.

The coupons were made available for download for 24 hours from Oprah.com and are valid until May 19 excluding mother’s day.