KGO Radio recently announced it was switching to a news-heavy format in lieu of its long-time talk-heavy format.

The radio station cited poor ratings. The audience really hasn't stayed with us, the audience isn't there, said Paul Hosley, KGO Radio's news and program director, according to KGO TV.

Since Monday, the San Francisco-based station has been broadcasting all-news programming from 2 p.m. to midnight. 

However, since KGO Radio announced the changes, its loyal talk fans - which appear to be many despite KGO Radio's falling ratings - have voiced their vocal complaint.

Almost every single linked posted on KGO Radio's Facebook page is littered with indignant comments these loyal talk listeners.

In response to a link titled SF Film Spots App Puts Film Fans on the Set, a commenter wrote: Can the app show me where my favorite talk show host are?

In its switch to the news-heavy format, KGO Radio let go of long-time talk hosts Gene Burns, Gil Gross, Ray Taliaferro and John Rothmann.

In response to an advertisement that appeared on KGO Radio's Facebook page, a commenter claimed he will tell his friends, family and co-workers to not patronize the advertiser.

I tried to give KGO a listen on my drive home yesterday after my anger dissipated.. I had to turn it off, it was the same news from the morning over and over and over.... complained another Facebook user.