It’s a “he said, she said” situation between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. After Lamar reportedly ambushed his ex-wife for a confrontation on Wednesday, he has insisted that it was a planned meeting. Meanwhile, Khloe has not defended him, instead she has been spotted miles away celebrating the birthday of her new man, James Harden.

TMZ has reported that Khloe still is not speaking up to defend her ex-husband after he emphatically made a plea to her in front of paparazzi cameras Thursday. He spoke up after reports surfaced that he allegedly ambushed Khloe as she was making her way to a workout session in SoulCycle in Beverly Hills.

He told TMZ that he and Khloe had agreed to meet and that she should have spoken up to defend him. He said that there was no altercation and that the media told an entirely different story, compared to what actually took place.

Unfortunately for him, Khloe was not on hand to defend him because she was all the way in Houston with her rumored new boyfriend, James Harden. She arrived in Houston Thursday and they celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday on Friday. The Mirror reports that they were spotted getting cozy at Aristocratlifes Engineroom along with a bunch of other NBA players.

TMZ also reports that sources close to Khloe have insisted that the earlier version of the story was true. Khloe had not been in contact with Lamar and she had no idea that he would be waiting to confront her at SoulCycle last Wednesday.

Khloe has not spoken directly about the issue and it remains to be seen how the story will play out. The former couple signed their divorce papers back in July after having been separated since 2013. They were married for 4 years before they split.