Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no strangers to publicity, so it’s fitting they posed nude for a magazine cover. They are not the first celebrity couple to pose nude together, but chances are this cover will not be as iconic as the Rolling Stone cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Kardashian and West are expecting, so it’s only natural that they have shared their joy to the world with a nude cover for L'Officiel Hommes, reported Shine.

Kardashian and West are in a lovers' embrace, with Kardashian's eyes closed and facing the camera, while West’s back is toward the camera. There have been plenty of paparazzi photos that show off Kardashian’s pregnant physique, but the cover for L’Officiel Hommes shows off their romantic side, while, perhaps, leaving too little to the imagination of the reader.

With West and Kardashian, oversharing has become the norm, and with Kardashian just recently doing a photo shoot for DuJour magazine, a normal cover for L’Officiel Hommes would not be enough. While the image is tasteful enough, chances are it won’t leave much of a lasting impression.

Previous nude covers have been either shocking or unexpected, and the cover for L’Officiel Hommes is neither. When Janet Jackson posed nude for Rolling Stone in 1993, that was a transformation of her identity at that time, as well as an expression of who she was as an artist. She was no longer the youngest Jackson and had stepped out of the shadow of her famous family.

Even earlier, Lennon and Ono defined what a nude magazine cover should be with their Rolling Stone cover in 1980. Shot by Anne Leibovitz, the photo of a naked Lennon curled around a fully clothed Yoko is immediately striking, perfectly conveying the relationship between the two as individuals and as artists. Lennon and Ono had a second, even barer, cover for Rolling Stone in 1968.