Kim Kardashian wants to set the record straight by saying she is old school and does not have a Facebook account, only a MySpace one.

On her official blog, Kim writes, For the hundred thousand trillionth time I DO NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!!! A blogger, who obviously didn't do his homework--stated yesterday that my Facebook account got hacked into and that my alleged account sent out an email blast to all my Facebook friends complaining about it.

She continues, I am so sick of people saying I got engaged because my Facebook profile says so, or I'm single now because my Facebook says so! Call me old school but I love MySpace and I used to love Friendster! Maybe I need to get a Facebook account to shut down all of these fakes!

The Keeping Up With the Kardashian's star made the remarks after a fake Facebook page with her name said her and boyriend, Reggie Bush, were engaged last October.