Reality star Kim Kardashian recently got a haircut and she was all over Instagram to show it off. The pregnant star Monday shared before and after pics of her new hairdo. Unfortunately, fans were more interested in her tongue rather than her hair.

The queen of selfies is living up to her reputation by beating the paparazzi to the punch. Before anyone else could snap photos of her shorter hairstyle, she took matters into her own hands by posting photos on social media.

Kardashian posted a photo featuring her shorter hairstyle just after she announced that she’s getting a haircut. In the photo, she’s out in a car, and fans could be seen standing outside trying to catch a glimpse. She's sticking her tongue out in the photo, which, according to her, was taken right after her haircut. Her tongue stole the show, however, after Instagram followers started commenting about it instead of her hair. Many also pointed out that she got more of a trim than a cut.

“I like it! Looks good. But put your tongue back in your mouth. You are better than that,” said user its caitlyn jenner. Another user said: “It's not even short ... ? Big change.”

She raised expectations when she shared a photo of herself just before she chopped off her long dark locks. In the photo, she appears to be at home and is wearing her long hair down as she stares into the camera. She’s keeping it casual with a sleeveless Ramones T-shirt and said: “Right before I cut my hair ...” The slight change disappointed some fans, who were expecting her to chop off more than she did.

The busy reality star and entrepreneur hardly had time after her haircut to stop and breathe. She hopped into a car and later onto an airplane. She also shared a selfie from the plane as she squeezed into the tiny lavatory. She flew out of LAX but there was no word on her destination. She was unaccompanied by husband Kanye West or daughter North.