Amazon's new tablet and e-reader line-up includes four devices with very similar names, so the Kindle Touch and Kindle Keyboard may be just similar enough to need a brief explanation. Obviously, one is a touch screen device and one relies on a full QWERTY style keyboard, but the Touch has a couple extra features readers might really love. Furthermore, both devices are offered at $99 with the Special Offers and Sponsored Screensavers. It gives you a $40 discount and you get to see screensavers that take the form of advertisements and Amazon deals on the home screen. The function does not appear when you are reading, however.

But both devices are very thin, lightweight, six inch e-ink displays with incredible battery life and access to thousands of books. Both can play mp3 and pdf files, but are not maximized for Web browsing. Kindle Keyboard has a five-way controller for on-screen navigation, highlighting text or looking up words. For searching and note-taking, Kindle Keyboard uses the physical keyboard. The Touch, however, features a touchscreen display that allows you to tap unknown words to call up definitions in the dictionary, highlight sections of text to send to a friend, or search, shop and type with a virtual keyboard.

Additionally, Amazon has included the EasyReach function that lets users hold Kindle Touch with either hand and still turn pages comfortably. It's supposed to make it easy to page forward by simply tapping on most of the screen area. Tapping in a narrow area near the left edge of the device turns to the previous page; and tapping on the top part of the screen brings up the toolbars for further options.

The other feature Kindle Touch offers is called X-Ray and its a quick way to get more information about some aspects of the book like historical figures. Tap an idea or topic, and X-Ray will take you to Wikipedia and Shelfari entries to better inform your conception of what's happening in the book.
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