The King Brothers, Alex and Derek, who were convicted for murdering their father in 2001, broke their silence in an interview Tuesday morning after being released from jail.

Alex and Derek King appeared in public not to revive details of the crime but to talk about their plans now that they completed their terms in prison and want to become productive citizens.

We all make mistakes and we shouldn't be judged in one act or one spot in our life, Derek said in an interview on NBC's Today show. We chose to move on pass that and we acknowledge the mistakes that we made and the bad choices that we made and we can move on pass that and hopefully we learn from our past, he added.

In November 2001, Alex and Derek were 12 and 13 years old respectively when they killed their father with a baseball bat while he was sleeping. Their motives for the murder are unclear but it appears that a convicted sex offender Ricky Chavez influenced them to commit the crime. Derek spent 8 years in prison and Alex 7 years.

Watch the King's brothers case here.