King Jigme and Queen Jetsun of Bhutan’s son is already three months old. In an official picture released by the parents, the baby prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuk looks adorable in a head full of jet black hair just like his 36-year-old father and his stylish mom. The picture has been released ahead of the occasion of the three-month birth anniversary.

The picture of the baby prince of Bhutan was released by his parents on their official Facebook pages and the national website. The picture shows little Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck lying down and looking directly at the camera. The baby is wrapped up in yellow.

The website Yellow Bhutan curated by the Royal Office for Media of Bhutan released a set of ‘desktop calendars’ for May 2016 featuring an image of the young prince. The images can be used for wallpapers on computers or smartphones. The tot shows off his thick, side-swept hair, which looks recently brushed and perfect parted. His parents also known as the Dragon King and Queen announced his name in April 17.

The new crown prince of the Himalayan region was officially bestowed with the name at a religious ceremony at a majestic 17th century palace that houses the relics of a famous Buddhist master. It was a spectacular ceremony which the royal couple hosted for their first child also styled as “His Royal Highness, The Gyalsey.” Jigme and Jetsun prayed at a Buddhist monastery in Thimphu, before driving to Punakha, where the ceremony took place.

The king carried the baby prince, draped in a yellow blanket, as he walked the short distance alongside his wife to the Punakha Dzong complex. They were followed by Buddhist monks in maroon robes and musicians playing pipes. They were then received by the Je Khenpo.

The Bhutanese royal couple also known as the “William and Kate of the Himalayas” held the ceremony for their son the same day Prince William and Kate Middleton left Bhutan after a two-day visit to the country. Jigme addressed the public gathered to watch the ceremony that his son would serve the country. He added that the little prince would be a son to all the Bhutanese people.