Kraft Foods Inc on Thursday re-launched its $9.5 billion four-part debt sale at wider spreads than first launched earlier on Thursday morning, said IFR, a Thomson Reuters service.

The $1.0 billion 3.25-year notes are now expected to yield 140 basis points over comparable U.S. Treasuries, the $1.75 billion six-year notes and $3.75 billion of 10-year notes are both expected to yield 190 basis points more than Treasuries, while the $3.0 billion of 30-year bonds are expected to yield 205 basis points over Treasuries.

Earlier on Thursday the sale was launched with the 3.25-year notes at a yield spread of 137.5 basis points over comparable Treasuries, the six-year and 10-year notes both at 185 basis points over Treasuries and the 30-year bonds at 200 basis points more than Treasuries.

(Reporting by Caryn Trokie)