Kris Jenner is officially hotter in a swimsuit than her daughter Kylie Jenner. A recent Kardashian-Jenner family poll asking who wore it best between the two ladies was won by the family matriarch. The contest came after Kylie decided to wear her mom’s vintage swimsuit while she was on her birthday trip to Mexico earlier this month.

“Sorry Kyles, mom wins!” Kylie’s sister, Kim Kardashian, said. The family placed their votes in a poll started by Khloe in the new begroupd mobile chat application. Khloe shared the results on her Instagram page and Kris could be seen as the clear winner. She received five out of seven votes from family members while Kylie only got two, including her own. Rob Kardashian also commented on the poll and declared that his allegiance also lies with his mom.

It appears that the 59-year-old momager still has what it takes to give her girls a run for their money. After all, the swimsuit in question is actually hers. Shortly after Kylie’s birthday on Aug. 10, the young reality star jetted off for a quick trip to Mexico with her rumored boyfriend Tyga. It was there where she was photographed wearing a swimsuit that caught Kris’ eye.

“Ohhhhhhh so THIS is where my vintage Body Glove bathing suit went!!!! @kyliejenner you are grounded! Wait, I can't do that anymore you're 18....,” said Kris. In the photo, she could be seen posing in the hot pink one-piece suit in what appears to be her own trip to Mexico many years ago. She gave a clue about the origins of the shot when she used the hashtag #acapulco1989.

Kylie’s recent photo wearing the same swimsuit was also shared by Kris side by side with her own. She started up the competition by saying #whoworeitbetter. Khloe decided to step things up by getting the whole family involved in a poll.

Us Weekly also decided to launch a similar poll for the general public. Unfortunately for Kylie, her mom has completely thrashed her as well. As of this writing, Kris has gathered 90 percent of the votes. Over 20,000 people have voted so far.

The family matriarch has certainly shown that she is still the queen bee of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, no matter how popular her children get. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” returns for the second half of Season 2 in November on E!.