This week on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the family is dealing with the aftermath of Bruce Jenner’s revelation that he is transitioning into a woman. While going through the family’s storage unit, Kris Jenner is delighted to find a box of vibrators.

E! Online shared a video of Kris as she and her assistant are going through the family’s storage unit. Now that she and Bruce are divorced, Kris wants to go through all of the stored mementos from their life together. She thinks of it as a way to close that chapter in her life in order to move on.

As Kris goes through all of the stored items, she comes across a letter from a fan. She says that it’s from the time that she had a talk show. The fan recalls how she was talking about ways to spice up her marriage. Kris laughs out loud and says how outdated the letter is considering that she’s now divorced.

Things get interesting toward the end of the letter when the fan mentions that she had sent a box of “seamless, medical-grade, silicone vibrators." Kris is quite amused by the discovery and exclaims: “I’ve hit the vibrator jackpot!”

On a more serious note, Kris also finds boxes of her ex-husband's stuff that she intends to return. She unearthed Olympic memorabilia along with boxes of Bruce’s training shoes. Photos of the kids when they were younger along with their other belongings are also in the storage unit. Kris admits that looking through all of the family memorabilia is bringing up lots of emotions for her.

In light of the new development with Bruce’s gender identity, Kris says that she doesn’t know what the future holds. However, she says that she just wants to be there for her kids during this difficult phase in their lives.

Meanwhile, Bruce has declared that he has never been happier. The recent two-part special, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce” has been released in the hopes that other families can learn and see hope through the Kardashians’ and the Jenners’ experience.