Kristen Stewart, who has been maintaining a low profile since her split from Robert Pattinson, lost her cool at a paparazzo, on Monday, when he tried to engage the actress in a conversation.

The reason for Stewart’s foul mood is yet unknown and it is not sure if the paparazzo provoked the actress. But, a video obtained by TMZ, opens with the paparazzo asking, "Why are you saying 'F**k off'?" to which Stewart replies: "Because you're a piece of s*it. You don't deserve to breathe the same air I do."

"Who is a piece of s*it?" the pap questions, to which the “Twilight” actress retorts, "You are, you f**k face."

Stewart, who was hiding behind a screen throughout the exchange, then proceeded to get into a waiting car, as the media person questioned her about the status of her relationship with former boyfriend Pattinson.

But, Stewart did not respond.

Neither Stewart nor Pattinson have confirmed the split, but media reports indicate that the couple called it quits sometime in May, and that Pattinson has moved on since the breakup. While he is rumored to be dating actress Riley Keough, Stewart’s public appearances have been few and far between, and she is often seen getting into verbal tiffs with paparazzi.

Earlier this month, Stewart once again lost her cool with a bunch of photographers who allegedly harassed the actress writing “I Love Rob” on the hood of her car.

According to Entertainmentwise, Stewart, who was inside a Los Angeles studio when a prankster wrote the message across the hood of her Toyota pickup truck, looked unhappy and swore at photographers when she saw the message.