Blac Chyna may be thinking of ending her feud with Kylie Jenner but her close friend, Amber Rose, is not happy with her decision. Chyna has been in a social media war with Jenner since the latter started dating Tyga. However, the rapper’s ex-girlfriend now feels she can’t compete with the reality TV star.

Chyna is reportedly depressed with all the attention Jenner has been receiving lately. She feels that her feud is going nowhere as Jenner and Tyga are still going strong, with engagement and marriage rumors making the rounds.

“Blac Chyna’s hating life right now and it’s all because of Kylie,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Blac couldn’t turn on the television this morning without seeing or hearing about Kylie and her new app and all her business projects. It’s just overwhelming. She’s realizing she can’t compete with Kylie. She’s confided in Amber [Rose], telling her she feels like throwing in the towel on her stupid feud with Kylie and suggested Amber do the same with Kim.”

Rose, who has been battling with Jenner’s sister, Kim Kardashian, for several weeks, is angry about Chyna’s decision to surrender to Jenner.

“Amber was heated! She told Blac she was ‘out of her mind’ if Blac thinks for a second that she would surrender to any of the Kardashians,” another source told Hollywood Life. “Amber also told Blac that it’s her prerogative if she wants to let a teenager take her man and get away with it.”

Rose and Kim’s feud began after the former girlfriend of Kanye West posted a series of revealing photos last month wearing a white swimsuit nearly identical to one worn by Kim. The 31-year-old was also reportedly unhappy with Khloe Kardashian after reports surfaced that she was cozying up to Rose's former crush, James Harden.

“Amber's got a book coming out and she stands by her title that she’s a bad bi---! She’s not afraid of any of those Kardashians, no matter how famous they think they are,” the source reportedly added.

Chyna has been taking digs at Jenner with the 18-year-old slamming back at Tyga’s ex.

“Blac enjoys seeing how insecure Kylie is and is personally waiting on her to self destruct or have an epic meltdown,” a third source told Hollywood Life.