Caitlyn Jenner might be hesitant of daughter Kylie Jenner rushing into marrying rapper boyfriend Tyga, but the former Olympian sure does feel the young couple’s love. Tyga’s newly released single “Stimulated” affected the 65-year-old so much that she was tearful, according to Hollywood Life.

A source told the entertainment website that Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce, wanted someone who would love her the way Tyga, 25, loves Kylie. “The video made Caitlyn sad and brought her to tears because she wishes she had what Kylie has — young love,” the source said.

“She wants someone in her life who is infatuated with her the way Tyga is with her daughter. Cait’s anxiously waiting for that perfect person to make her smile, compliment her and tell her how beautiful she is,” the source added, according to Hollywood Life.

However, not everyone in the family was pleased with the video, according to reports, citing sources. The 18-year-old’s step-sister Kim Kardashian found the couple’s chemistry just “mediocre.” Kardashian instead found “Bound 2,” featuring both her and her husband Kanye West, better.

“Kim saw Kylie and Tyga’s 'Stimulated' music video and she wasn’t impressed. She thought the song was just OK and felt the chemistry between Tyga and Kylie was mediocre,” another insider reportedly said, adding: “Kylie‘s attempting to steal Kim‘s swag and she’s failing."

The “Stimulated” video has already attracted more than 8 million views on YouTube since its release last week, while “Bound 2,” released in 2013, has over 50 million views.