Caitlyn Jenner is concerned about her daughter Kylie Jenner’s safety after the latter's rapper boyfriend got involved in a fight with a club owner after a performance in Geneva on Thursday. Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, was worried about Kylie’s well-being as she could have been hurt in the incident, a source told Hollywood Life.

The 25-year-old rapper reportedly got engaged in a scuffle with the owner of a popular Swiss nightclub after the latter confronted him for showing up late. Tyga was scheduled to perform at En Vogue in Switzerland, and reportedly arrived late. The brawl was caught on camera by TMZ, which reported that Tyga began throwing punches when the club owner approached him. The celebrity news site stated that the show was scheduled to run an hour and instead lasted only 10 minutes. 

“Caitlyn panicked when she heard Tyga had a fight in Geneva and a gun was drawn. It brought her to tears because she fears for Kylie’s safety,” the source told Hollywood Life. “Cait doesn’t know the specifics of what went down and she’s yet to speak to Kylie about this but she’s livid!

“It’s becoming apparent to her that this relationship of theirs could be a problem and she wants to talk to Kylie,” the source reportedly added. “Caitlyn wants Kylie to home immediately so she can have a heart to heart with her and straighten her out.”

However, Kylie is reportedly not concerned about the incident and was also not scared after witnessing Tyga’s violent side.

“Kylie wasn’t harmed, nor does she feel like she was in harms way when things got out of hand at En Vogue. She’s fine. It was nothing to her and she wants to assure her fans, and most importantly her family, that she’s safe and in good hands. Tyga would never let anything happen to her. She’s even called him ‘my protector,'” another source told Hollywood Life.

“She finds his bad boy behavior and attitude very sexy. If anything, it turns her on. She really wants people to relax and chill. She’s almost 18. She can handle this. She’s got everything, and Tyga, under control,” the source reportedly said.

In a series of tweets on Friday, Tyga addressed the fight and told his fans that club owners frequently feel "they own" the artists who are booked to perform at their venues.