Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga's split last week does not seem to have lasted long as reports surfaced that the two are back together, according to Hollywood Life. Kylie and Tyga had ended their relationship after the latter’s former girlfriend, Blac Chyna, slammed the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star on social media.

Sources reportedly claimed that the two were spotted together at a romantic picnic ahead of Tyga’s concert at California State University in Fullerton. The reality TV star supported Tyga during the event on Saturday, and sources claimed that the intimate picnic may have helped the two rekindle their romance.

“They were holding hands as they walked to the track on campus where they had an intimate picnic,” an eyewitness told Hollywood Life. “It was quite lovely. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but she was smiling, laid back and laughing. She had her feet on his lap while they ate on the grass, and a few times, I saw her wiping his face with his napkin.”

Troubles between Kylie and Tyga erupted after Chyna posted personal messages of her conversation with Tyga on social media, giving rise to speculation that the father of Chyna's 2-year-old son King Cairo wants her back.

In the posts shared by Chyna, Tyga had reportedly asked the model to take him back so they could “be a family again,” adding that he has been trying to reignite their romance for seven months. However, on Saturday, Hollywood Life reported, citing sources, that Tyga was desperate to get Kylie back in his life and had decided to pay $500,000 to Chyna to keep away from Kylie.

“Tyga has decided to try and reason with Blac the one way he knows she understands -- with money. He doesn’t want her to do any more damage so he’s offering her money to stop,” a source close to Tyga reportedly revealed.

“He doesn’t want to see any more texts or any more Instagram disses,” the source said, and added: “He hates it, but he will pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars -- half a million if he has to, to get her to chill out. It’s the only thing that may work.”