Kylie Jenner might have got an engagement ring from rapper boyfriend Tyga right after her 18th birthday last month, but the reality television star does not want to stop there. Jenner wants an engagement ring that would “outshine” elder sister Kim Kardashian’s, according to a report in Hollywood Life Monday.

A source close to Jenner dished out details about the kind of ring Jenner desired. "Tyga may not be able to get her one that is as big as Kim's, but Kylie really wants the diamond's quality to be better,” the source said, according to Hollywood Life. "She wants the color and clarity to be the absolute best so her ring will literally outshine Kim's." 

There have been reports previously about Jenner’s and Kardashian’s rivalry and recently, Kardashian even termed Jenner’s and Tyga’s chemistry in rapper’s new video “Stimulated” mediocre.

On Saturday, Mirror reported that Jenner was suffering from anxiety following which she launched an anti-bullying campaign that featured real stories of individuals who are going through the same struggle. Jenner said at the time that living under constant spotlight made her forget who she was and in an Instagram post said she "lost a part of herself."