Kylie Jenner is known to experiment with her hairstyles. She has dyed her hair gray, blue, pink and blond so far. However, the fact that she can don various hairstyles has not gone down too well with elder sister Kendall Jenner, Hollywood Life reported Tuesday.

The report stated that Kendall’s modeling career limits her from trying out bold styles. The 19-year-old has only gone as far as dying her hair blond, which she revealed Friday on Instagram.

“Kendall is really jealous of Kylie’s freedom when it comes to her hair,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “She can go blue for a while, blonde, put it in cornrows, dreadlocks and cut it however she likes. Kendall has been told that designers and advertisers really like her long straight black hair and that she shouldn’t mess with it. She won’t get the top notch modeling jobs if she has bleached or blue hair.”

But, 18-year-old Kylie does not shy away from sporting new looks and adding hair extensions every few months. She currently has short hair, which she styles from time to time.

Meanwhile, Kylie, who celebrated her 18th birthday on Aug. 1o, tweeted a few days that August was her "best month ever."