In a new interview with AccessHollywood, La Toya Jackson is out to talk about her new book, Starting Over. In the book, she says Michael Jackson predicted his own death.

Michael told me repeatedly, over and over, that, 'They were going to kill me, they were after me,' she wrote. And in the beginning, I didn't believe it. I said, 'Michael, come on, you're Michael Jackson. Why would they do something like that?'

[He said,] 'Because you don't understand.' And then he went into detail and he told me the reason why, that what they were after, they were after [his] catalog and they were after [his] publishing... He owned over 700,000 songs which is a lot of songs, a lot of publishing, a lot of money.

Michael Jackson had become interested in owning music catalogs after working with Paul McCartney in the early 1980s. Jackson had learned McCartney made approximately $40 million a year from other people's songs.

La Toya also told AccessHollywood that the day Michael Jackson died was the saddest day of my life.

And it's a day that I will of course - you never forget it, she said.

Though the cause of Michael's death was an overdose of the powerful drug Propofol, he was no drug addict, she said.