Lamar Odom, whose problems with drug addiction came to light last month, spent as much as $1,000 a day to fuel his addiction, mainly on cocaine, TMZ alleges.

Odom got hooked on to cocaine once the NBA season ended in May, according to a TMZ report. This is when he moved out of the home he shared with wife Khloe Kardashian and into Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel.

Odom’s hotel room was reportedly a hangout for fellow users, and he constantly had seven or eight of his friends, and sometimes strangers, coming in at all times of the day.

TMZ reported that on an average, the NBA player spent $800 each day and sometimes more, for multiple drugs, which he would share with his friends.

His addiction spiraled so out of control that he started exhibiting signs of paranoia and accusing his bodyguards of spying on him, a former security guard of Odom told HollywoodLife.

“One time that really stands out in my mind was a night I was working for Lamar at the beginning of the summer. I was with another security guard. We were driving Lamar and we took him to his loft in downtown LA and waited for him while he partied inside,” the former bodyguard said.

“It was an overnight shift and he was up the whole time because every half hour he would come out and demand to know what we were doing and why we were watching him,” the source said, adding that Odom would apologize once they reminded him that they were working for him.

“Then he’d calm down and apologize and go back in — and then boom, a half hour or an hour would go by and he’d be back again, accusing us of spying on him. It was nuts.”

According to various reports, Odom checked into a rehabilitation center after Kardashian threatened to pull the plug on their marriage if he did not get help. But, he left the rehab facility after only one day, and Kardashian is said to be unaware where her husband is.

"She's just exhausted," an insider told Us Weekly. "She doesn’t think he went to rehab ... I don't think anyone knows where he is at this point."