Lamborghini announced its new speedster, the Lamborghini Aventador J Unica, and confirmed it would be a unique, one-off production. An unnamed buyer bought the car for €2.1 million ($2.76 million), a spokesperson confirmed Tuesday.

There is only one Lamborghini Aventador J and whoever the lucky individual is who ultimately purchased the Aventador J, he or she bought an incredibly beautiful and well-engineered machine and no doubt left those they outbid with the lingering taste of jealousy.

The car is based on the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, but it has been substantially lightened and stuffed full of new technology from Lamborghini to make a faster and sportier, though perhaps less comfortable, Aventador. The Aventador J sports a 6.5 liter, 700 horsepower, V12 engine with an ISR (independent shifting rod) transmission and all-wheel drive.

Most distinctively, the Aventador J has lost some weight by losing the roof, windshield, air conditioning and navigation system from the Aventador LP 700-4, meaning the new car will come in somewhere under its 1575 kg (3,472 lb). The slimming down should also speed the car up on the track.

While the car never underwent a track test session to measure times, predictions based on the aerodynamics and specifications of the car project a top speed over upwards of 186 mph, a Lamborghini spokesperson said.

The interior of the car is certainly spare anyway you look at it. Every indication is that it will just be two seats, the controls and dials, and some pedals -- minimalism with the focus on driving. There isn't even a radio, not that you would be able to hear one anyway with nothing but the car's wind deflectors to protect you. The seats and cockpit are clothed in what Lamborghini calls Carbonskin, with inserts of flexible carbon fiber fabrics.

A close examination reveals an arm sticking up out of the top of the hood. This is, in fact, the rear view mirror. While at first blush it seems like it would be goofy, it seems to fit in with the overall minimalism and angularity of the Aventador J's styling.

Much of the car's styling, though, also serves a utilitarian purpose. The front and rear bumpers, for instance, have additional fins to increase downforce, and thus grip, and rims designed specifically to ventilate and cool the brakes of the car.

We're not talking about future versions of the Aventador yet, a company spokesperson said when asked if the Aventador J presaged changes to the Aventador LP 700-4.

The coupe is sold out for the first 18 months of vehicle production, the spokesperson added.

Ultimately, only one lucky buyer will get to experience the Aventador J, and so the jury could remain out for a long time on whether it's actually any good to drive unless Top Gear somehow gets ahold of it. Either way, though, it is a sight to behold.