Robert Pearman, a California lawyer, found himself in hot water when his 'Hangover'-style party in a Las Vegas suite got out of hand.

Police arrested 45-year-old Pearman, who was celebrating his birthday, after receiving a call from security officials at the Encore Las Vegas for help with a guest who was trashing one of the rooms.

When officials arrived on the scene they found the room in total disarray with broken furniture, lamp shades and decorative vases strewn across the floor. The walls were smeared with food and officials noted that the drapes, carpets, and a speaker were damaged.

The overall damage was estimated at $96,270, which included the cost of labor and repair, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

“I take full responsibility for what happened here. We were partying,” Pearman said, according to the police report cited by the Las Vegas Sun. “I did all of this. I am responsible for all of these people. Let my people go,.”

Pearman was accompanied by five women who were staying with him at the duplex three-bedroom apartment.

Encore staff members initially gave Pearman the option to pay for damages. But he declined, prompting the hotel to sue him for more than $100,000.

He was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property, but was let go pending a court appearance in Las Vegas Township Court, according to the Las Vegas Sun. He is due to appear in court in July.

A Daily Mail report on the incident indicated that this might not be Pearman’s first Las Vegas party that could be termed wild, judging by the photographs uploaded on his Facebook page.