At least one person has died and 11 people reported injured in a suspected gas tank explosion at a restaurant in Beijing's Tongzhou Liyuan Market on Friday morning, Beijing Times reported.

The restaurant collapsed, killing one on-site while injuring others out for breakfast, as well as passing motorists. Several fire trucks arrived at the scene, and victims were rushed to a nearby hospital, according to the Beijing Times.

Windows of dozens of residential houses were reportedly smashed by the shock wave from the explosion, and the collapse of the restaurant damaged about 10 other structures in the vicinity.

“My neighbors who were driving past the restaurant when the explosion took place were also injured,” a resident who identified herself as “Yezi, Douzi’s Mom” reportedly wrote on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site.

Several residents in the neighborhood posted photos online that showed victims lying on pavements. Among the injured, two people are reported to have suffered serious injuries.

According to reports, the fire has been extinguished and the cause of the explosion is under investigation.