Lee Thompson Young, the "Rizzoli & Isles" star who was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his North Hollywood apartment on Monday, did not leave a suicide note, leaving investigating officers with no clue as to why he took his life.

According to TMZ, law enforcement officers searched his personal computer and went through the contents of his personal diary to establish why Young committed suicide, but, the search revealed nothing.    

"It's still a mystery,” a law enforcement officer told New York Daily News. “Evidently he was a clean-cut kid who didn't use alcohol and had no reported drug problem."

Since the news of Young’s suicide broke on Monday, rumors have been swirling around on what could have caused the actor to take his own life. While a number of reports said depression could have been a contributing factor, some sources said they noticed things “really changed” when Young started practicing Yoruba, an Africa-based religion, E!News reported.

However, another source close to the actor told New York Daily News that linking Young’s depression and religion was "a gross mischaracterization," as there was no connection between the two.

“He was very close to his mother and sister," the friend told the Daily News, adding that he had a strong support system in place. “He had his local priest and lots of good friends who were like family, including the 'Rizzoli' cast."

Following his death, TNT has suspended production of the police drama "Rizzoli & Isles," and sources close to the production said it was too soon to say how Young’s death will affect the portrayal of his onscreen character -- Detective Barry Frost.

“They plan to remain dark for the rest of the week," a source close to the production told the New York Daily News.