Lee Weir found a pretty creative way to pay homage to the beloved cartoon character Homer Simpson.

The New Zealander's body art tribute to the head of the Simpsons household covers his entire arm and earned him the world record for the most tattoos of the same cartoon character on a body, reports WTTG. 10553430_10152321706294032_2738417655190643916_n The Guinness Book of World Records shared the above photo of Lee Weir and his record breaking tribute to Homer Simpson. Photo: Facebook/GuinnessBookOfWorldRecords The 27-year-old reportedly gave up drinking alcohol for an entire year so he could save up money to purchase his tattoos. According to Guinness World Records, Weir has 41 tattoos of Homer, all of them etched by his tattoo artist friend Ben Jenkins. 

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, Weir said he first planned to get tattoos of several characters from the Simpsons. But he found it was too difficult to choose from the many characters he wanted on his sleeve. He ended up deciding to instead get a sleeve of Homer in the numerous disguises he had throughout the show's run. 

"I couldn't decide who to put on and who to leave off. How do you include Lenny and not Carl? How do you include Moe but not Sideshow Bob?" he told the NZ Herald. 

Using an episode index from season one to season 20, Weir chose his favorite Homers from the show to be included on his tattoo. The sleeve took 25 hours to finish and cost more than $2,000.