"The Leftovers" is not a show that has ever felt particularly obligated to answer its fans' biggest questions. Creator Damon Lindelof -- of the infamous "Lost" ending -- has all but promised that the HBO series will never explain what caused the "Sudden Departure" and viewers remain in the dark about many other questions, such as the origins of the Guilty Remnant. So, it comes as no surprise that following Season 2's most jaw-dropping, cliffhanger of an ending in episode 7, the show is staying mum on what comes next in episode 8, "International Assassin." 

According to the synopsis for the new episode, following Kevin's (Justin Theroux) rather unstable decision to drink Virgil's poison and take a trip to the "other side," "questions and answers emerge as the world adjusts to the repercussions of what comes next." Well, that does not give away too much.

In episode 7, Kevin's quest to rid himself of Patti (Ann Dowd) led him to Virgil (Steven Williams). Apparently, he had visited the spiritual guru before -- the night of the earthquake. Virgil gives Kevin the same advice he gave him the last time -- advice that led Kevin to try and drown himself in the lake. Virgil believes the only way for Kevin to vanquish Patti is to battle her on her turf -- "the other side." He says Kevin has to die, defeat Patti, and come back to life reborn. He even offers to be Kevin's guide, whatever that means. After initially rebuking Virgil's "generous" offer, Kevin returns later desperate to win back Nora (Carrie Coon) and drinks a cup of Virgil's poison. However, instead of giving Kevin a shot of epinephrine, like he promised, Virgil shoots himself in the head. Michael (Jovan Adepo) walks in the door tp find both of the men looking pretty definitively dead and drags Kevin's lifeless body away.

Is Kevin really dead? The promo for the episode is a little more revealing, though still manages to keep things pretty cryptic. A few brief scenes tease whatever messy fallout is sure to come from Kevin and Virgil's supernatural suicide. In one clip, John Murphy (Kevin Carroll), is frantically running towards some off-screen development with a small army of cops right behind. Then, another clip reveals Michael in the woods where he looks awfully surprised by something -- "Holy s---," he exclaims. Is the pious Murphy son witnessing Kevin's resurrection? 

Meanwhile, the promo also reveals where Tom (Chris Zylka) has been. Laurie (Amy Brenneman) showed up in Miracle looking for Tom in episode 7, but he was not with Kevin. In reality he is with Meg (Liv Tyler). They are seen in a car together in the promo.

"This is hard," Meg tells him. Where is the pair headed?

Watch the promo for Season 2, episode 8 below:

Is Kevin dead for good? Or will Virgil guide him back to life? Fans will have to wait to find out. "The Leftovers" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO