The beans have already spilled that comedian/rapper Donald Glover will be starring in the HBO television series “Girls” during its second season, but, in a recent interview with Vulture, Lena Dunham gave fans some juicy details about their on-screen relationship that she hopes will help draw in a wider audience for the season premiere.

In a Q-and-A format interview with the publication, Dunham opened up about working with Glover, who plays her new love interest on the show, as she talked about what it was like to film a sex scene with him.

“We always wanted to work with Donald -- he’s the cutest and the funniest, and why would you not want to kiss him on TV?” Dunham said. “But I think that when we shot that scene, there was both a feeling that it was the appropriate place for the character to be and a sense that it would, for people who had been paying attention to the backlash, at least evoke some sense that we were in a dialogue with our audience.”

Dunham’s first season of “Girls” won her some impressive accolades from critics, but it also seemed to deliver, if it’s possible, an equally negative backlash from viewers: did fans the favor of niftily graphing it all out. One of the biggest problems viewers seemed to find with the series was its depiction, or lack thereof, of race. Many lambasted Dunham for allegedly whitewashing Brooklyn with an entirely white cast.

And, according to Dunham, the writer/producer/actress took the criticism very seriously and has worked to rectify it in the second season, as shown the casting of Glover, who is African American.

“It definitely wasn’t a ‘F--- you, haters!’ That’s not really how I tend to roll my game,” said Dunham. “But, at the same time, it was a pretty clear statement that we are comfortable, that there isn’t a political agenda against having black characters in the show.”

Dunham also said she chose to make the character played by Glover a Republican to help shake up Hannah’s world a little.

“We liked the idea of a Republican entering their universe. And Hannah doesn’t really have a clear sense of why you shouldn’t date a Republican; it’s kind of just like the same reason why you shouldn’t date a Nazi: You just shouldn’t,” she said.