Lil Boosie will reportedly be released from prison on an undisclosed date in March, but he is probably going to have some major headaches when he gets out. The rapper, who has been behind bars for four years on drug-related charges, has apparently been victimized by his “manager/brother” Taquari “TQ” Hatch. Their cousin has alleged that Hatch is reportedly stealing from the Louisiana rapper.

Lil Boosie didn’t have a set release date from prison until recently, but his cousin Porche Breaux said Hatch was pretty much stealing funds from Lil Boosie while he has been incarcerated.

Breaux said in a letter posted on the Examiner that Hatch was “booking shows in Boosie’s name and collecting cash when he knows good and well his brother is incarcerated. Then the promoters and fans get upset thinking that Boosie is a no-show! Isn’t he hurting the Boosie brand more than anything?”

Breaux also alleged that Hatch wasn’t close with his brother and just wanted to capitalize on his money while Lil Boosie was behind bars.

“His crooked [expletive] didn’t even really have a relationship with his brother! He thought his brother was ignorant and he could out smart him. His dirty [expletive] spent 50k to take his frat brothers on a trip, actually they’ve been on plenty trips….He has been to numerous Saints games, he has 7 nieces and nephews how many trips with them?” Breaux wrote in the letter.

Furthermore, the cousin said that if Hatch was going to cash in on Lil Boosie’s name, he could have at least given some of the money to his family, which is allegedly struggling to get by.

Breaux added: “What about trips with Connie…. why didn’t he take them out of town? Those girls are struggling!! If he cared anything about his family for real he would have been giving the kid’s mom a child support check at the beginning of the month instead avoiding their kids.”

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