Two weeks after 10-month-old Lisa Irwin went missing, law enforcement officials are looking at the facts of the case from under a different light.

On Monday, Lisa's mother admitted, on a national television network, that she was drunk when her daughter went missing. However, Deborah Bradley, Lisa's mother, insisted that she did nothing to harm her daughter, despite being drunk.

In an interview with NBC's Today, Deborah said that she expected to be arrested, in the matter of Lisa's disappearance. Lisa went missing in the early hours of Oct. 4.

Deborah was caught on a security camera at a grocery store, buying a box of wine and other goods, in the company of a man. According to her family, the man was her brother. In the interview, she admitted that she had bought the wine and had enough to be drunk that night.

Bill Stanton, the private investigator hired to find Lisa, said that while Deborah did have two or three drinks the night her daughter disappeared, she might have misspoken when talking to the reporter. 

No, no ... I don't think alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that, said Deborah, when asked if she had killed Lisa, while under the influence of alcohol. She also told Fox News that she usually didn't allow herself to get drunk unless her children were safely in bed. In addition, according to that report, Deborah is also believed to take anxiety medication and had taken a dose that day.

She was sleeping. You know, I don't see the problem in me having my grown-up time, Deborah added, I take good care of my kids. I keep my house clean, do their laundry. I kiss their boo-boos. I fix them food. I'm involved in their school stuff. I mean, to me, there's nothing wrong doing what I want to do after dark.

Deborah said that she feared being arrested because if that happened then the search for Lisa would probably end and she will never make out what happened to Lisa.

After the interview, hundreds of state and federal law enforcement officers began a fresh search for the toddler.