A veteran Long Island police officer was injured on Monday after crashing her police vehicle on the Southern State Parkway.

Nassau County police authorities said that the residents observed two suspicious men changing license plates on a dark grey Honda. When the police officer arrived on the scene, the men sped off and a chased ensued.

The suspects were driving erratically down the Southern State Parkway. Near Route 110, they made a sudden stop on the highway. The officer swerved to avoid any collision. However, her car hit the guardrail and was propelled back into the middle of the highway. The car was then hit again by another vehicle not involved in the chase. The two suspects got away and a manhunt has begun.

She was pinned inside the vehicle, but rescue crews were able to remove her around 1:15 p.m. She was airlifted to the hospital where she remains in serious, but stable condition.

Nassau County Police Department did not readily reveal the name of the officer. However, they did say she has been on the job since 1992.

Police officials request anyone with information regarding this crime to contact Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.