Comedy actor Lucas Cruikshank, best known as Nickelodeon's Fred Figglehorn, declared he was gay with a coming-out video that he posted on YouTube on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old appears in the video alongside his actress friend Jennifer Veal -- best known for her character as Nanny Agatha on Disney's "Jessie” -- and answers questions from fans regarding routine everyday things.

"Let's get to the questions: First, why do you both look so pretty?" Cruikshank reads a tweet from a fan, to which Veal replies, "I just don't know."

Following more light-hearted queries on the secret behind the pair’s good looks, Cruikshank finally says a big yes when asked if he is gay. But, the actor also says, in the video, that he did not want to announce his sexual orientation on the Internet, adding that "It feels so weird saying it on camera!”

But, Cruikshank, who will turn 20 on Aug. 29, admitted that his family and close friends had known about his sexual preferences for more than three years.

Veal, on her part, said she had known Cruikshank was gay since the first time they met, and added that it shouldn’t come as a shock to his fans, as all the signs were already there. "You seriously think that we would have sleepovers, Instagram him doing face masks?" she asks.

Cruikshank’s coming-out video has since been viewed 257,253 times, and his fans have been showing their support on Twitter as well. 

"I honestly love you all so much. Your support is everything and I'm glad you liked the video," Cruikshank tweeted, in response to all the positive comments he received on the microblogging site.  

Cruikshank also received a note of appreciation from Cher, who messaged the actor saying she was proud of him.