Lynsi Torres has made quite the name for herself as the owner of In-N-Out, the popular West Coast burger chain. While only accessible to a handful of states, the chain is so successful that Torres is a billionaire.

Lynsi Torres is not a normal 30-year-old as she is the owner and president of In-N-Out, the popular burger chain that currently has restaurants in California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Despite having only 281 locations in five states, In-N-Out boasts are fiercely loyal customers, and its product has been consistently declared as one of the best, and perhaps the best fast food burger period.

Torres has stayed out of the public spotlight, with only a few photos showing up online, but Bloomberg did note that she is the youngest American woman billionaire, whose net worth hovers at $1 billion. She is the heiress of the In-N-Out company from her grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder. She currently owns half of In-N-Out through a trust and will have full ownership of the company when she turns 35.

Torres is quite the mystery, not quite at the Howard Hughes level, but there is not much known about her and even the Bloomberg profile remains scant with details. Speaking to Bloomberg, Janet Lowder, a restaurant consultant who looked at In-N-Out’s financial records when Ethel Snyder owned the company, said, “I was even surprised there was a granddaughter.”

Torres does not have formal managerial training nor does she have a college degree. The lack of experience, or training, has not slowed the success of In-N-Out and its expansion could be sped up, considering the amount of demand for the burger chain outside the states where it currently operates. Many people want an In-N-Out but the company will only open locations that are within a day’s drive of their patty making facilities in California and Texas, notes Bloomberg.

According to Conrad Lyon, a restaurant analyst, “To outsiders the company’s growth out West likely appears sluggish. However, it was management carefully leveraging its brand, real estate and distribution. As a private company-owned system, In-N-Out has the luxury of calling the shots to replicate its success without succumbing to potentially detrimental outside influences.”

What is known about Torres is that she owns a $17.4 million mansion and loves to race cars. According to Bloomberg, Torres races National Hot Rod Association’s Super Gas and Top Sportsman Division 7 categories. She chooses to drive either a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda or a 1984 Chevy Camaro and her husband, Val Torres Jr., is also a driver.

To celebrate Torres’ success one, should dive into what makes In-N-Out special aside from its quality product. Customers know about the company’s “secret menu” which puts plenty of fun twists on the rather limited menu.

Instead of getting a classic burger, you can order a three by three, which is a triple cheeseburger, and you can even ask to have your mustard grilled, notes Serious Eats.

You can also ask for your burger “animal-style” which includes pickles, additional spread, grilled onions and fried mustard on the burger patty. Protein-style gets you a burger wrapped in a large piece of lettuce. If you are a vegetarian but get dragged into an In-N-Out, you can order a grilled cheese or a veggie burger.

Fries can also be customized and for a something sweet, there are plenty of shake concoctions to try off the secret menu. In-N-Out will make a Neapolitan shake or a Root Beer float.