Increasing numbers of Apple Mac computer users are reporting incidents of seeing pop-up windows named “Mac Defender”, but what appears as a security program is not a valid defender but a malicious malware instead.

Mac Defender’s strategy is an old school for PC users, but it is possibly the first of its kinds for Mac’s OS X platform. Hence Apple customers are confused, and some are reacting in panic.

This is what essentially happens when you encounter the Mac Defender (sometimes the malware go by the names“Mac Protector” or “Mac Security” but they essentially are very similar in nature):

- When you click an infected link from a website, a warning message appears on the computer screen, saying it will perform a scan.

- After you click the “ok” button, which happens to be the only button you can click.

- The “defender” pretends to scan the computer, followed by downloading a zip file.

- Depending on the browser setting, downloaded file will automatically run and starts installing. For Safari users, automatic opening of a file after downloading is the default setting.

- At the beginning of the installing process, the malware asks for the system’s administrative password.

- If you enter the password (which is NOT recommended to do at all!), the installation will continue.

- The fake security program installs and launches, with several windows appearing with “infected” signs on display.

- When the scanning is completed, it asks to register the product in order to remove all the threats, asking for credit card information.

- If you enter your credit card information (which again is NOT recommended to do), then probably your money and the credit card information would be lost.

- Once in a while, the malware may open up porn sites, adding panic to the alarmed users.

The malware has been designed professionally, looking like an official Apple product, which confuses the users even more. And unlike PC-users who have had countless, and maybe overwhelming, opportunities of facing viruses and malwares, many Apple-users usually panics at their first sight of this malware.

It is time now when Apple users stop believing that Mac is perfectly secure and start learning about computer security. And the first step is to know what is a malware and figuring out how not to fall into their traps.

Watch the video below to see what may happen if you encounter the Mac version of malware.